Intelligent School Support Systems - Let's Digitize our Schools Today

RM 3,026,000
Investors 13
Minimum Target Amount RM 2,000,000
Maximum Target Amount RM 4,000,000
Funding Period
20/11/2020 - 22/12/2020
Funded Successfully


 My Story

One man's promise to establish a strong school-home community through a home-grown innovative app for smartphones and smart device.

I am Nazmi, the managing director of i-3s, Emerging Enterprise Sdn Bhd.

Nurturing young minds and character building for young Malaysian have always been my dream. The difference between a highly successful child and others is his level of motivation and confidence.

For many parents, connecting with teachers and staying in the loop about their children’s progress in school is of the utmost importance. Studies show parental involvement helps foster and improve academic performance while lessening children’s chances of developing behavioral problems.

Simply put, involved parents help grow successful students. But in today's digital age and challenging environment, most parents are busy with their job security and career progression. As such, there is a need for highly accessible ways for parents to connect with teachers and vice versa.

Parents are too busy at work to catch up with their children’s social development in school and outside of school.

This prompted me to think about solutions to stay involved in the education sector and to champion the change in nurturing our next generation of Malaysians with a mindset on a par with the developed nation.

In 2012, I founded Intelligent School Support Systems(i-3s) student management system for public and private schools and other educational institutions.

i-3s is an application to foster online parent-teacher communication that is easy to use, safe, and not to forget, it is free. Among many other features, parents can create accounts to stay up to date with their children’s progress in schools and connect with teachers directly.

One of our edges is that we offer a student management system aimed at digitalizing attendance and cashless payments in schools. At the moment, we are already operating in five (5) pilot schools.

i-3s transacts spending of students using an RFID card which also acts as their student ID card. This card enables automated attendance monitoring and connects parents with schools and teachers through web and mobile applications.

I started with the idea of having a contactless based ID card for public school students. We had multiple discussions with officials from the Ministry of Education (MOE) and eventually, I realized that a prepaid card cannot stand-alone in a market with high penetration for cash and credit card transactions. 

So we visited schools nationwide and had meetings with school principals, teachers, and the School Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs). We found out that there was and still a need to automate administrative processes and to have this information-sharing platform so we can help teachers and parents to manage their children in school, and to ease the burden of administrative works from teachers.

i-3s is a multipurpose application that comes with an e-wallet feature in which parents can reload, manage, and control the spending of their children. The students' can pay with their Student ID RFID card. Other features include classroom activity management, attendance system, and performance reporting system.

It puts parents, teachers, and students in sync. It is as quick as text and more private than existing social media and payment platforms. Students are not allowed to share information in the app. It is solely for teachers and parents to communicate. For example, teachers can share photos of students during lessons in the app and parents can view in real-time their children’s progress in school. It is a Facebook for teachers and parents.


 A one-stop location for resources and information 

i-3s is a proprietary full-stack (hardware and software solutions) platform to address some out of the many pressing challenges faced by government schools in Malaysia.

Since smart devices are not allowed into schools, RFID (ISO 14443A) cards are issued to students as 'point of service(s)', which doubles up as their student identity card. What it does:-

• Electronically captures the attendance of students as they arrive into their classrooms, instantaneously updates the attendance of the students in the School and Ministry of Education’s (MoE) system.

• Provide parents and teachers visibility of students' arrival in the classroom via mobile app.

• Students to make cashless transactions in school (canteen, bookshop, and co-operative store).

• Provide parents visibility of students’ spending and what they are spending on.

• Parents can top up MYR via mobile app. BOOST is the e-wallet provider for this app.

• Allows teacher-parent communication via the app making paper notices a thing of the past.

• Allows the school to post the students' test/exam results and schedules on the app.

Despite this simple outlook of offering, the barrier of entry to this business is high. We are the only company that has been officially approved by the MOE to implement 2,000 out of the 10,000+ government schools in our country.

This is possible as we have successfully implemented our proof of concept into five schools today. The initial approval covers 2,000 out of the 10,000 over schools in the country. And we plan to target urban schools as they have better internet connectivity, higher average spending, and higher headcount per school.

Currently, other 95 schools have entered into a contract with us to implement the system totaling our initial portfolio to 100 schools in 2020-2021.


Free and multipurpose application means no one will be left behind

i-3s presents new opportunities for communication and collaboration among teachers, students, and parents.

School–home communication is necessary for establishing a strong school community, which is the first step of nation-building.

I am educated under the MARA education system until SPM and I received a scholarship from GLC conglomerate Renong Bhd. They sent me to New Zealand where I studied Bachelor of Commerce Management in Accounting.

After completion of the degree, I came back and joined the Renong Management Trainee Programme. I started as a clerk and rose to a senior manager position in five years and I was exposed to many roles within the group.

I finally landed in and I found my calling there when I managed its ICT business segment. I was exposed to technological advancement ideas by some of the big names in the world like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, HP, and IBM.

I first started to get involved in the e-payment sector while helping highways here to implement Touch 'N Go services, which I then created a mobile version device and sold it to the highway company.

I understood the limitations of the technology back then and it influenced my current payment design. A chance meeting resulted in my specialization in digitalization of education starting in 2012 and it has grown into the ever-evolving technology of i-3s.

The philosophy behind implementing i-3s is that no one will be left behind in becoming a digital-savvy Malaysian. My plan for i-3s is to grow with the users from school days until their retirement. The features of the app will evolve and change according to the needs of the users in different stages in life.

In the next five to 10 years, the government will promote digital payment and a cashless economy nationwide. This is a high time to start using digital wallets as a payment instrument of choice for day-to-day purchases.

i-3s allows teachers and parents to connect and stay on the same page throughout a student's education. When students carry cash there are always safety concerns.

While I was visiting schools to conduct market research for this app. Right after I finish a meeting at a school, a student asked me if he used the i-3s cashless system would it be able to deter other students from asking him for money.

I told the boy if the bullies want to take his i-3s ID card to pay for other things, he can give the card to them and report to the teacher. The ID card will be blocked immediately. This will help prevent bullying in school.


Which schools will be the focus of our initial portfolio?

We will start with schools in urban cities with an average of 1,200 students, 100 staff, and RM5 spending per day. Initial states to implement i-3s are as follows:-

• Selangor

• Kuala Lumpur

• Putrajaya

• Perak

• Johor

• Pahang


 Why the specific focus for urban schools? 

They provide the highest count for the number of students, teachers, and average spending. Not to mention, available and better internet connectivity. Also, cooperative societies and bookshops have higher activity count with larger transaction volumes.

The effort and resources spent implementing such a school provide the highest return to the company in terms of capturing total market spending, individual count, and finally in-app activity.


What are the funding requirements for the Initial Portfolio?

A total of RM4 million is required to complete the rollout for the initial portfolio

Itemized list:

• Total Capex - RM4 million

• Total working capital - RM2.4 million

• About BOOST partnership agreement, that is to fund 60% of Capex

• RM2.4 million of Capex has been accounted for by BOOST. Leaving RM1.6 million to be accounted for by us

• In summary, RM1.6million Capex+ RM2.4 million working capital


How do we generate revenue?

We charge a standard Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) of 5%

The Initial Portfolio generates a Gross Transactional Value (GTV) of RM114 million per annum. This is based on 1200 population per school, each spending RM5.00 a day for the school term of at least 190 days per annum. Therefore, our revenue potential per annum on the MDR of 5% is RM5.7 million.

Following the completion of the initial portfolio, we will continue to roll out implementation to additional 900 schools in 2021. Thereafter, we will acquire new schools at the rate of 1,000 schools per year in 2022. GTV is projected to be RM1.14 billion in 2021 and RM2.28 billion in 2022.

We have yet to include spending on co-op stores, merchants within a 5KM radius of participating schools, and revenue from advertising sponsors.

Through cash flow analysis, for every increase in RM0.10 of average spending, our company’s bottom line increases by 1.4%.

As part of the expansion plan in 2021, we are expecting a chain kindergarten to be our anchor client for the i-3s program customized to fit children between the ages of 5-6 years old, not too different from the current program with MOE. A monthly fee per child will be charged to parents to be agreed with the Kindergarten operators. Estimated income from this chain will be RM1 million per annum from the anchor customer.

*Parents have the choice to choose whether they want to sign up for the e-wallet feature for their children. According to the latest participation rate, 85% of the parents of the participating schools have activated the digital payment option for their children.


What is our growth strategy?

Starting with 2,000 schools identified and approved to us by the MOE, we intend to extend our reach to the remaining 8,000+ schools in our country.

Our team in partnership with BOOST has created initiatives to promote the usage, average spending, and 'stickiness' among students, parents, and teachers on our platform.

Our objective is to capture merchants within the 5KM vicinity of participating schools. Such as KFC, Bata, school uniform, bookstores, Mr. DIY, and others to join the i-3s program, which benefits the students, parents, and teachers.

We are also speaking to kindergarten franchise owners. Our SaaS is not limited to government schools. We can customize the app to accommodate the requirements of various academic centers.


What are the benefits of i-3s business model to its clients?

• Schools can reduce tedious administrative tasks of managing daily attendance thereby channeling the teachers and administrative staff's time into more productive tasks

• Parents have updated information about their children’s activities and behavior in class and can rest assured that their children have arrived safely at the school

• Improve teacher and parent communication of daily tasks and academic performance of students

• Reduce the use of cash in daily student transactions thereby reducing pilferage, bullying, and loss of transactions to external merchants and purchase of undesirable products

• Reduce the spread of germs and viruses spread through the handling of currency, especially contagious virus-like Covid-19


How will the business be funded?

Once the initial portfolio is implemented, we substantiate our operations and expansion through a combination of:

• Internally generated cash-flow;

• Finance Facilities with banks and;

• access capital markets through an Initial Public Offering on the ACE market or by a reverse takeover of a listed vehicle


The Perfect Timing

The year 2019 saw tremendous growth and impetus in Malaysia towards the use of cashless payment in day to day transactions, as a result of the implementation of Bank Negara Malaysia’s cashless transaction blueprint.

The government continues to encourage the use of cashless transactions as evidenced by the launch of the e-wallet incentive award, under its e-tunai rakyat program. The government is hoping to up the number of digital payment users to 15 million people. Digital payments are expected to surge by 10.8 percent after the program’s implementation and hit roughly $17 billion over the next three years, according to the data portal Statista.

The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic further provided an impetus to the transition from cash to cashless transactions and the trend is expected to remain positive.


Captive Market Opportunity with almost unlimited pipeline  to established clients

There are 10,000+ government schools in Malaysia, with >5 million students and >400,000 teachers at any one time. Total potential annual revenue from canteens alone is approximately RM190 million.

We plan to implement i-3s to 2,000 schools with a student/staff population of around 2.6 million people. The estimated parents' population is around 4.8 million people.

The balance of about 8,000 schools with an estimated 2.6 million students is still available for growth beyond 2023.


Experienced Board and management team led by Dato' Nazmi

Dato' Nazmi is supported by :-

Ong Zhong-Ken, Chief Operating Officer (COO) 

(also the CFTO of Footballhub)

  • Ken has recently raised RM3.0 million for Footballhub at the valuation of RM8.3 million. 
  • Five years of experience in kick-starting businesses and driving implementation with a focus on e-commerce, services, retailing, and logistics business verticals


Noramin Bin Abdul Razak, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) 

  • En. Noramin has Nine years of IT experience coupled with a strong education background in Computer Science/Information Technology Bachelor’s Degree. 
  • He used to work for TERAS Teknologi SB, Bina Initiatives SB, and MMC-Gamuda JV with all positions held specific to software engineer.


S. Vyramuttoo, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • An experienced banker and Finance Manager who used to work with Affin Bank for 25 years. 
  • He later joined a local payments company, Synergy Cards Sdn Bhd as a financial controller for eight years.


Dato’ Nathan A/L S.Mahalingam, Executive Director

  • Dato' Nathan A/L S.Mahalingam has extensive experience in finance, banking, and implementation of large infrastructure projects.
  • Dato' has also listed companies and raised capital on the Bursa, ASX, and NASDAQ.


Scalable business & proprietary platform

i-3s allows us to:-

• Reduce overheads and fixed costs through automation

• Utilise key metrics to improve business decision

• Provide a seamless customer experience

• Allow constant product innovation while having a single point of execution


 In-house technical capability 

We have a team of committed in-house technology capabilities, along with our proprietary platform as enablers to our business. They both are essential to the delivery of our value proposition.

We have invested significantly to develop i-3s which is now ready for deployment. We will work for continuous improvements and future development with selected third-party vendors to complement our in-house resources.

Term Sheet







我是纳兹米,i-3sEmerging Enterprise私人有限公司的董事总经理。

















由于学校不允许智能设备进入校内,因此向学生发出射频识别卡(国际标准化组织ISO 14443A)作为「服务点」,同时作为学生证。它的功能如:-

  • 以电子方式记录学生到达教室时的考勤率,即时更新学校和教育部系统的学生考勤率。
  • 通过手机应用程序为家长和教师提供学生到达教室的可视性。
  • 学生在学校(食堂、书店及合作商店)进行无现金交易。
  • 提供家长对学生消费和他们消费用处的可视性。
  • 家长可通过手机应用程序充值马币。BOOST是此应用程序的电子钱包提供商。
  • 允许教师和家长通过应用程序进行沟通,使纸上通知成为过去。
  • 允许学校在应用程序发布学生的测试/考试结果和时间表。











我首先开始涉足电子支付领域,同时为高速公路实施一触即通卡(Touch 'N Go)服务,然后我创建了一个手机版设备并将它出售于高速公路公司。









我们将从城市中的学校开始,这些学校平均有1,200名学生,100名员工和每天5令吉的开支。 实施i-3s的初始州属如下:

  • 雪兰莪
  • 吉隆坡
  • 布城
  • 霹雳
  • 柔佛
  • 彭亨









  • 资本支出总额-400万令吉
  • 营运资金总额-240万令吉
  • 关于BOOST 合作协议,即为提供60%资本支出的资金
  • BOOST拨出了240万令吉资本支出,剩下160万令吉由我们负责
  • 总的来说,160万令吉资本支出+240万令吉营运资金














我们的目标是吸引参与学校5公里范围内的商户。 如肯德基,巴塔,校服,书店,DIY先生等加入i-3s计划,使学生、家长及教师受益。




  • 学校可减少管理每日考勤的繁琐行政工作,从而将教师及行政员的时间分配到更具生产力的任务
  • 家长拥有孩子在课堂活动及行为的更新资料,并可放心他们的孩子已安全抵达学校
  • 改善教师与家长有关日常任务及学生学业成绩的沟通
  • 减少学生在日常交易中使用现金,从而减少盗窃、欺凌及外部商户交易损失以及购买不良产品
  • 减少通过使用货币传播的细菌与病毒,尤其是具有传染性的病毒,如新冠病毒(Covid-19




  • 内部生产的现金流;
  • 银行的融资便利;以及
  • 通过在创业板(ACE)市场上的首次公开招股或反向收购上市工具进入资本市场




政府继续鼓励使用无现金交易,在其e-Tunai Rakyat计划下推出了电子钱包激励奖。政府希望将数码支付用户人数增加到1,500万。据数据分析公司Statista称,该计划实施后,数码支付预计将激增10.8%,并在未来三年达到约170亿美元。











  • 拿督纳丹•S.曼哈林安姆在金融、银行和大型基础设施项目实施方面拥有丰富经验。
  • 拿督也拥有公司在大马交易所、澳大利亚证券交易所和纳斯达克上市并筹集资金。





  • 肯(Ken)最近为Footballhub筹集了300万令吉,公司估值为830万令吉。
  • 有五年创业和推动实施经验,专注于电子商业、服务、零售和物流业务垂直领域



  • 诺拉明先生有九年的资讯科技经验,并拥有电脑科学/资讯科技学士学位的强大教育背景。
  • 他曾在自強科技(TERAS Teknologi)私人有限公司、Bina Initiatives私人有限公司和MMC-Gamuda 合资公司工作,都是担任软件工程师。


S. 维拉穆图,首席财务官

  • 一位经验丰富的银行家和财务经理,曾在艾芬(Affin)银行工作25年。
  • 后来,他加入了一家本地支付公司Synergy Cards私人有限公司,担任财务总监八年。













Term Sheet




Updates on the project will be shared here.

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