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Benefits of Launching ECF

Marketing Opportunity

An excellent marketing opportunity to showcase your business in order to improve your brand awareness.


Customers become shareholders - even become a brand ambassador, actively promoting them to other potential customers.

Investors Community

If you raise capital via an equity crowdfunding platform, the chances are that you will receive capital from a wide community of investors, especially reach to new audiences!

Who Can Apply Equity Crowdfunding (ECF)?

Locally Incorporated

i.e. private company and unlisted public company

Limited Liability

How Can We Help You?


MyStartr is started as an incubator (Dream Factory), our collaborative programs are designed to help startups succeed.

Professional Team

A team of experienced professionals (marketing, project and compliance teams) are ready to assist you.


We have a feasible marketing strategy which can increase the success rate of an ECF campaign.

Unicorn Club

Receive valuable ongoing support: we have a Unicorn Club especially for our issuers to receive access to know-how. The members can support businesses beyond their raise, offering significant values to each other!

Let your business idea get investment from the Malaysian government and build a 7-figure enterprise !


We choose ECF instead of borrowing loan from the bank is because we do not only want to have development fund, but also wish to connect to people as well as turning our customers into shareholders in order to have stronger bonding. All these, the traditional financing methods could not give us.

Mr Bonn Lam
Care Latex Founder

Through ECF, Komic can meet and recruit like-minded people, so that we can go further!

Mr Teh Chun Kai
Komic Founder

Compared to traditional financing method, like getting a loan from the bank, ECF is an easier and faster way for us as We are in a phase of rapid growth!

Mr Clement Lin
Meet Mee Founder

ECF actually allows us to have a group of loyal fans and make them the best spokespeople for our services/ products.

Mr Mak WH

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