Fashion with A Purpose -<br>Powered by Children’s Unlimited Creativity & Hope<br>这家社企,只卖童心无限的时尚服饰

RM 462,280
Investors 152
Minimum Target Amount RM 450,000
Maximum Target Amount RM 900,000
Funding Period
18/12/2019 - 15/02/2020
Funded Successfully

Havan Clothing

Do you know how many T-shirts you currently own? And how many T-shirts you purchase every year?



Part of our sales proceeds goes back to the 27 underprivileged children from shelter homes. We run weekly classes with them and their artwork inspires every single one of Havan’s designs. This is why when you buy from Havan, you are supporting the children in our program.



My Story

I believe that we can make a significant difference in this society

I never would have guessed that that CSR event would change the course of my career.

Hi, I’m Ivan, co-founder of Havan Clothing.

2 years ago, I left my mundane 9 to 5 job in finance to start Havan Clothing with my lovely wife, Hany. That’s right, Hany + Ivan = Havan, an enterprise that represents our devotion to focus on underprivileged children in shelter homes.



My wife, Hany, who is a professional counsellor, used to share stories with me about receiving gifts from her students. I see these gifts as a form of appreciation from the kids for her impactful companionship, support, encouragement and trust.

I used to be envious and in awe of my wife’s profession because her job directly affects the lives of others for the better. It was a stark contrast to my corporate job that dealt with numbers, profits and various kinds of percentages. I realised that all this data doesn’t impact me as much at the end of the day.



It was during a CSR event in Sentul back in 2015 that was organized by my previous employer where I truly found my life’s goal when I visited a shelter home. I remember being overjoyed that I finally had an opportunity to make a positive impact on others, so I got inspired and fully committed to the preparation of this event. I remember it was a very joyful and unforgettable day for me, spending time with the kids and making beautiful memories together.



Much of my excitement for the event was met with an unexpected realisation. Hany shared with me that these types of events can be perceived as a type of abandonment in disguise - helpful and good-hearted strangers who visit you once and eventually go home once the event ends, making no further contact afterwards even if beautiful memories were made with them.

As it turns out, our good intentions were actually a form of pain to them. I was shocked by this realisation, but I was more upset than anything. After much self-reflection where I believe these CSR events should be more of an on-going journey rather than a one-off experience, I set out on a mission to engage with my employer at the time to have these occurrences with the shelter home on a continuous engagement basis through more CSR events. But as you can guess, I was met with zero success.



When I brought this up with Hany, she suggested, “Why don’t we do it ourselves?”.

We put together a series of EQ focus classes that would run for a minimum of 4 months. Every friday, Hany returned to the shelter home to teach 8 children the ways to cope with their various emotions.



During these EQ classes, we realised that these kids had very low self-confidence. When we ran activities, most of them avoided eye contact with everyone and were timid. They didn’t want to speak up nor participate due to the fear of making mistakes.



We were pleased to see their improvement in the 4 months of EQ lessons. We realised that through continuous guidance, it is possible for them to change for the better.

For example, we noticed improvements in their ability to speak up and be more open to sharing their thoughts and emotions. More importantly, there’s confidence shining through their eyes.

It was the same time when we discovered an online article from The Star that states the following:

- Underprivileged children from shelter homes have the tendency to be 10 times more likely to pursue sex work when they grow up.

- They are 40 times more likely to commit crimes.

- They are 500 times more likely to consider suicide. 

All these findings stemmed from the self-confidence issues, the inability to trust themselves as well as from lacking guidance and companionship. The traits were consistent with our observations at the shelter home.

We were sad when our 4 months of volunteering came to an end. We understood that if we wanted to continue with this, we would need to pursue another path due to everyday life’s realities.


My Project: Havan Clothing

Fashion with A Purpose: The social enterprise of growing children’s confidence, one T-shirt at a time.

To continue our efforts, we decided to start a social enterprise.

We opted to sell products that had to meet 3 Havan requirements:

- Unique

- Association with children from shelter homes

- Direct correlation between the children and the products

After much thought, we found the answer that we were looking for: Children’s unique artwork on high-quality T-shirts.



In March of 2017, we launched our first T-shirt design. It was a small cat designed by 7-year-old AL. We loved it, but did others?

We sent out a round of questionnaires to understand what our friends and family thought of the project, as well as to invite those who were interested in Havan. We received more than 250 replies and it was beyond our expectations. This gave us the confidence boost that we needed to start Havan Clothing.

After that, I quit my financial management job and dove wholeheartedly into Havan Clothing.



High-quality cotton T-shirts powered by children’s unlimited creativity and hope.

12-year-old DN is one of the “designers”. Back then, his dream was to be a lorry driver, now he dreams of representing Malaysia in international cycling tournaments. He documented this in his drawings. We were very moved to see the positive change in him of being more confident and how his dreams have grown!



We printed DN’s artwork on T-shirts and it became one of Havan’s most celebrated designs. When DN sees his work being worn and bought by adults, he feels proud. And this is what we hope to see.



A smooth and silky feel to the touch is one of the main characteristics of Havan’s high-quality cotton T-shirts. These T-shirts are made out of 95% luxury cotton and 5% elastic spandex blended fabric. The fabric maintains breathability and soft features of pure cotton. It does not crease or wrinkle easily, which is often associated with pure cotton. On top of that, the shirts are double-stitched - a technique that makes clothing hold its shape longer.



Heartfelt praise from Havan’s customers revolves around the children’s childlike innocence, clothing that feels silky and smooth on the skin, breathable, does not wrinkle easily, extremely comfortable to wear and clothing that stays in shape.



Since the founding of the company, we have sold almost 3,000 T-shirts and have launched 16 designs. We direct 8% - 15% of the revenue towards the teaching efforts at the shelter home, which funds for teaching materials, syllabus research, staff training and wage, outdoor education activities and more. At the moment, we have increased it to 2 shelter homes. The number of children benefiting from this has increased from eight to 28 children.

In these 4 years, we have established more than 128 lessons and activities, over a total of 2,500 hours. Along the way, we have seen lots of positive outcomes such as the success stories with the children, continuous customers’ support and generous exposure by all major media channels. All of these have allowed us to move to the next bigger stages.

Why Crowdfunding

Improving the quality - Better-value T-shirts, higher value for money

We plan to upgrade our T-shirts’ fabric to Peruvian Pima Cotton and Tencel™. Peruvian Pima Cotton, also known as an exceptional fibre cotton, is from Peru. The cotton is matured under an extended period of sun exposure, which is why the cotton fibres are longer than regular cotton.

It’s of extraordinary quality - a difference that your skin can feel. And it is only one-third of the world’s cotton production so far.



Tencel™ combines the technology of man-made fibres and natural fibres - cotton comfort, skin-friendly and highly absorbent. It has Polyester’s elasticity and strength, wool’s softness; hemp fibre’s cooling effect and silk’s smoothness. Tencel™ is made out of 100% plant fibre and is widely known to be an environmentally friendly fibre due to its ecological manufacturing process.



Both Peruvian Pima Cotton and Tencel™ fabrics are being used by high-end brands such as AX, CKand Laxxxte which sells at an exorbitant price range of RM350 to RM400.

However, at Havan, by cutting off the absurd marked-up prices of high-end brands, these high-quality T-shirts are actually possible to be purchased at a reasonable price.

At the same time, we plan to expand our product line up. Besides launching more T-shirt styles, we are preparing to introduce shirts, socks, pants, bags and more, to meet the ever growing consumers’ needs. There’s something for everyone in Havan.

We are looking to grow our team to fully expand Havan Clothing and start a new chapter with us.

Finally, we hope to find more like-minded partners to grow with Havan Clothing, which is to benefit more children from shelter homes in our EQ programmes. In the next 5 years, we aim to increase our reach to 1,000 children from shelter homes who will benefit from our efforts.



Term Sheet

Founder Pitch Deck













我是Ivan,Havan Clothing的联合创办人。2年前,我辞去财务经理的高新工作,与妻子Hany成立了Havan Clothing。是的,Hany+Ivan=Havan,一家结合我们心血的社企、一家关注儿童庇护所里孩童的社企。









































社会企业 让孩子们的自信与我们的陪伴事业共同发光



- 有特点

- 与这群孩子有关

- 孩子们可以直观地看到产品与自己的关系






2017年年中,我辞去了财务经理的工作,全心投入到Havan Clothing当中。









我们把DN的作品印在了T 恤上,成了Havan最受欢迎的设计之一。




手感顺滑,是Havan 高品棉T 的一大特色。T恤以95%好棉与5%的弹性氨纶混纺而成。这不但保留了纯棉T恤的特性——透气、柔软,也在最大程度上减少了纯棉T 容易变形的痛点。此外,衣服以双线缝制,让衣服“型”更持久。



孩子们的童心画作、衣服亲肤柔顺、清爽透气、富有弹性、穿着舒适、不易变形,都是客户们对Havan 高品棉T的衷心评价。





目前,受惠的儿童之家已增加到了2 所,受惠儿童也从原来的8 人,增至27 人。这4 年来,我们共开设了超过128 门课程与活动,总时长超过2500 个小时。



品质升级 给你物超所值的高品棉T

我们计划升级T恤的布料——使用匹马棉(Peruvian Pima Cotton)及天丝纤维(Tencel TM)。








匹马棉及天丝纤维是Armani Exchange、Calvin Klein、Lacoste 等高级品牌T 恤所采用的布料,平均要价RM350-RM400。

而在Havan,除去了大牌高昂的品牌费用,如此优质的T 恤其实能以更合算的价格购得。

同时,我们计划扩大产品线、增加产品品类。除了推出更多的T 恤款式,我们正筹备推出衬
衫、袜子、裤子、背包等,好让更多消费者,能在Havan 找到好面料精工艺、且适合他们的产品。

再来,我们需要壮大我们的团队,全面拓展Havan Clothing 的网络营销事业,与我们共创新篇章。

最后,我们希望找到更多志同道合的伙伴,和我们一起壮大Havan Clothing 的事业与志业,让更多儿童之家的孩子,能从我们的课程中受惠,从而拥抱幸福的人生。

未来5 年,期许能让1000 名儿童之家的孩子,从我们的活动中受惠。



Term Sheet

Founder Pitch Deck

Updates on the project will be shared here.

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