An accounting software that stands out from the crowd!<br>这款开单神器,简直是会计系统中的美图秀秀!

RM 1,064,810
Investors 92
Minimum Target Amount RM 500,000
Maximum Target Amount RM 1,000,000
Funding Period
07/01/2020 - 14/01/2020
Funded Successfully


Accounting is a necessity in all businesses. Over time, it has proven challenging for many SMEs to get it right due to limited human and financial resources.


My Story

A Programmer's Brilliant Idea

Hello, I'm Bryan, founder of a cloud accounting software known as Biztory.

It has always been on my bucket list to start my own business before turning 30. So when I was 28 years old and armed with both technological skills and a fiery passion, I invited two business partners to embark on an entrepreneurial journey with me. 



Prior to that, I had already been a programmer for 6 years. I was once responsible for the development of renowned platforms such as MyEG and Jobstreet. I also designed and developed a roller coaster game for Roller Coaster -  a subsidiary company of the famous snack enterprise - Jack 'n Jill. It earned us a title at the MARKies Awards 2014 when the game won the MARKies Best Use of Apps award by the much celebrated Marketing Magazine. 



In the early days, we were very much focused on game design and development while working on side software development projects for clients. That was during the time when GST that was to be introduced in April of next year was a heated topic discussed among the entire nation. 

Came one day, my sister-in-law visited us. She ran a small furniture shop and told us that she felt lost when it came to enforcing GST for her business. I asked her, why didn't she just purchase an accounting software to take care of it?

That's when I found out about her pain point, as it was with many others. It turned out that she had already met with a handful of accounting software suppliers but was put off by the high barrier of entry to learning. For someone who doesn't have an accounting background, all of the accounting software on the market seemed too complex to grasp. If she had gone on to purchase one of them, she would have needed to hire someone to manage it. It was extra weight for her as her furniture store wasn't a big establishment and it would mean adding a heavy financial burden onto her business.

So she asked if we could provide a solution to the problem. 



As a programmer, I believe that no problems are unsolvable. 

Without further ado, we dove into the planning of developing a piece of software that would address the issue. Besides solving the GST matter, my idea was to build a simple, easy to use and convenient software that has the kind of user-experience that allows people without an accounting background or knowledge to onboard and use effortlessly.

After 3 months of hard work in development, Biztory was born!



We discovered that the nation had many SMEs that had no idea on how to even begin to enforce GST, so we started introducing Biztory to more people. Within a month, we had visited more than 20 SMEs. They had all purchased the license to start using Biztory. That was when each package was going for RM10,000.

What was more uplifting was that we quickly found an angel investor who invested RM300,000 into our start-up fund. And that was how in July of 2015, Biztory's story officially started.



My Project

A cloud accounting software born because of GST 

I visualised Biztory as a cloud accounting software that is truly one of its kind. It should be simple, fast and no matter one's skill level, one can use it to complete daily accounting tasks easily.

As long as one has business transactions, Biztory's system would be able to generate reports to display each statistics. It would act as a company's dashboard that would allow the owner to understand their company's financial situation at a glance.



As a business owner, I'm extremely familiar with common financial management difficulties that other business owners tend to face: 

- Unsure about the company's financial situation and having to retrieve all data from the finance department.

- Limited by physical locations and finding it tough to deal with invoicing when out of the office or when not having their own computer around.

- Having a vast amount of invoices, unable to remember due dates and facing cumbersome processes when having to manage or prompt payments.

- Having to do miscellaneous tasks such as banking in and cross-checking after receiving customers' cheques or certificate of payment. 

The difference between commonly found accounting software and Biztory is that other solutions usually focus on the problems of the financial departments while Biztory resolves problems faced by business owners.

By logging into a Biztory account, business owners are able to instantly see four important statistics, namely Cash in Hand, Cash in Bank, Outstanding Amount and Overdue Amount. They are thus able to grasp the company's situation anytime. On top of that, Biztory sends out a cash flow summary email to our clients on a daily basis to keep them up to date. 

Wherever a business owner is, they can log into their account from either a computer or from a phone through the Biztory app. That allows them to generate invoices and send out receipts anytime by demand. 

Moreover, when an invoice's due date approaches, Biztory's system would send a notification to the business owner as a reminder and reach out to the invoiced recipient to perform the payment. To pay, the client would only need to open the link in the email and they would be met with the options to pay either via credit card or bank transfer, ultimately streamlining the once tedious payment processes. 



Being hosted on the Cloud is one of Biztory's biggest features. It's safe, reliable, and able to provide necessary protection for all data and sensitive information. Business owners no longer need to worry about data loss due to hardware damage, theft or other unfortunate situations.

Biztory takes security very seriously. We are secured by a SSL 128-bit security encryption system that banks use as well that has an auto back-up functionality. We ensure that three copies of each piece of data are stored securely and separately in servers in Singapore, Tokyo and New York. 

In the case of multi-user accounts, we also have preventive measures in place for when a user performs an operational error that causes a data leak, the affected realm would be limited to that user's area of access. This makes sure that other parts of the company's data would be safe and unaffected. 



Biztory runs on a subscription model that offers 3 monthly packages, namely RM49, RM99 and RM199. Users do not need to pay a hefty one-time price for a software license but can instead, subscribe based on one's needs. 

More importantly, the Biztory codebase is maintained and up-to-date. Our users are always using the most updated version and technology. There's also no need to worry when a policy change is introduced. 

In 2018 when SST replaced GST, our team took only 10 days to implement SST into the system, living up to the standards and expections of always providing updated services for our users. 



Biztory focuses on the starting processes of enterprise sales by carrying out billing, payment collection and reporting at ease. To effectively solve business owners' problems, we are also collaborating with many partners to provide more convenience to our users. 

One of our partners is Hong Leong Bank. By connecting a Biztory account with a Hong Leong Bank account, the system is able to cross-check payments. It's a time and effort-saving feature of ours.

When it comes to financial settlements, we have also engaged professional accountants. If one is interested in applying for a loan, our partner Grab Finance is always within reach.



Today, the SMEs that have registered with Biztory have exceeded a grand total of 6,500. They are scattered in 60 cities all over Malaysia and are generating nearly 40,000 invoices each month. 

Since founding the company in 2015, we've been awarded the Rising Star Award by SIBS 2018, was one of the Top 10 Winners in the Mystartr Dream Factory Startup Contest 2017, was one of the Top 5 Startups in the Axiata Digital Challenge and more. In addition to that, we were Cradle CIP300's Grant Recipient in 2017. 



Why Crowdfunding?

Striving to move forward with the momentum

According to the statistics, Malaysia has over a million SMEs. Of which, 63% are not using any type of accounting software. Among them, some might have accounting tasks outsourced, some might still be using obsolete alternatives such as Excel or other spreadsheet tools and some might be dealing with all of their finances manually.

To Biztory, these are all opportunities.

After a lot of hard work and trial-and-error, Biztory has grasp an effective way of attracting clients. From inbound, lead generation to closing, our processes use automatic conversation methods. And for every RM1 that we spend on advertising, we receive 3 times more in returns.

In 2018, we received RM300,000 from the CIP300 Cradle Fund and thoroughly invested into the aforementioned sales method. Within a year, the amount of accounts multiplied by 4 folds and we were getting 3 times more results.

We aspire to bring the company to greater heights by converting the 63% of SMEs that aren't using any accounting software into Biztory's users and convincing them that we can help them to increase their returns and stimulate their growth. 

Cloud computing is the future. As Jack Ma from Alibaba once said, "The cloud computing technology is the one business trend that must not be overlooked." It helps that accounting is also a necessity for every company. So it's evident that as a cloud accounting software, Biztory's potential is unlimited. That's why we'd like to invite you to grow with our passionate team for a great cause!




Term Sheet

Founder Pitch Deck








在我的人生清单中,有着“要在 30 岁之前创业”一栏。所以,在 28 岁那年,我拉了两名伙伴,带着对技术的一身本领与热忱,开展了创业之路。



在那之前,我已经当了6年的程序员。曾负责MyEG、Jobstreet等网站的开发,也曾为零食品牌Jack ‘n Jill旗下的Roller Coaster设计了一款云霄飞车小游戏,并获得了由知名广告营销媒体《Marketing Magazine》所颁发的The MARKies大奖中的“年度最佳应用”(MARKies Best Use of Apps 2014)。






一问之下,才发现其中痛点。原来,她已经见了好几家会计软件的供应商,却发现这些软件的使用门槛颇高。对于不是会计出身的她来说,这些软件用起来非常困难。若真购买了这些软件, 她还得另请一人来处理;家具店规模不大,这将会是一笔负担。





很快的,我们投入了这款软件的开发设计中。我的开发思路是,除了能解决GST消费税的问题, 它还必须简单、方便、好用,哪怕是没有会计背景的人,也能轻松使用。

















- 不清楚公司财务状况,任何数据都得向财务部索取

- 开单地点受限, 离开公司或电脑不在手上时便无法处理

- 发票众多, 不记得账期, 管理与追账工作繁琐

- 收到客户发来的支票或付款凭证后,还需存入银行及对账等后续工作


只需登入系统,老板们就可以直接看到手头现金(Cash in Hand)、银行现金(Cash in Bank)、待收金额(Outstanding)与待付金额(Over Due)四大项,随时掌握公司动态。每天,Biztory也会发电邮给我们的用户,让他们知道公司的现金流概况。











更重要的是,Biztory是一款会进步的软件,我们的用户所享用的永远是用最新的版本与功能, 在遇到政策变更的情况下也无需担心。






在财务结算方面,我们对接了专业的会计师。若企业需要贷款,则可以与Grab Finance接洽。




自2015年成立至今,已获得雪兰莪国际商务高峰会(SIBS 2018) 的明日之星大奖(Rising Star Award)、第一届圆梦工场创业大赛十强队伍、亚通数码创意大赛五强队伍等多个奖项。除此之外,Biztory更是马来西亚摇篮基金(Cradle Fund)新摇篮计划CIP300中,第一家完成为期12个月计划的新创企业。




快马加鞭 奋勇向前



经过了多次的测试和努力,Biztory已掌握了一套有效获取用户的方式。从引流、获客到成交, 都可以通过系统自动转化。每花出去的RM1广告费,都可获得三倍的收益。








Term Sheet

Founder Pitch Deck

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