Beyond4 - Building the Talent & Startup Ecosystem across the SEA region.

RM 600,000
Investors 11
Minimum Target Amount RM 500,000
Maximum Target Amount RM 1,000,000
Funding Period
29/12/2023 - 26/02/2024
Funded Successfully
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Investment Summary
Company Name

Beyond4 Sdn Bhd



Company No.


Share Type

Ordinary Shares



Person in Charge

Rubaneswaran a/l Thevasenabathy
+60 12-505 1599

Why should you invest in Beyond4? Here are key reasons why:

  1. Building the Beyond4 Ecosystem with cultivated 2,344 talents,and 124 startups up to date. Projected to reach 5,000 by 2025

  2. Expected to be IPO in the Malaysian ACE market

  3. Estimated Valuation after 5 years RM186 mil

  4. Strong partnership with many domestic and international partners



Project Overview


At BEYOND4, we're on a dynamic journey in the ecosystem acceleration landscape, driven by a clear mission: to empower talent and foster the growth of startups.


Our Talent Ecosystem stands out, with a laser focus on skill development in emerging technologies, backed by a thriving community of 2,344 talented individuals. We're steadfast in our mission to grow this pool to 5,000 skilled talents by 2025. 

Simultaneously, our Startup Ecosystem is a nurturing ground for 124 high-potential startups, with our sights set on supporting 500 such ventures by 2025. This story unfolds across diverse verticals, from manufacturing to fintech, ESG, and more.


Our roadmap includes strategic expansion into the ASEAN and APAC region, with entry into Singapore and Taiwan successfully in 2023, with ambitions for further reach into Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines in the coming year. 



Why Invest in BEYOND4?


1. Part of a Rapidly Growing Ecosystem

We are one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in the region, with a projected valuation of RM186 million within five years. Our ecosystem's growth is a testament to our potential and the attractive returns we offer.


2. Empowering Talent and Supporting Startups

We are on a mission to empower talent and nurture startups. Our Talent Ecosystem focuses on skill development in emerging technologies and currently comprises 2,344 skilled individuals. By 2025, we aim to expand this talent pool to 5,000. This means a growing talent base, a valuable asset for our investors.

3. Early Access to High-Potential Startups

As of now, we nurture 124 high-potential startups across various verticals, including manufacturing, fintech, ESG, and more. The target is to increase this number to 500 startups by 2025. Investors have a unique opportunity to access these promising startups before others, potentially reaping substantial benefits.


4. Regional and Global Expansion Plans

By 2023, we have successfully landed regionally into Singapore and Taiwan, promoting talent development, startup growth, and fundraising. In the coming years, our ecosystem plans to expand further into Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. This expansion strategy signifies potential growth opportunities for our investors.

5. Strong Ecosystem Partnerships

We have forged valuable partnerships with key local and international players. These partnerships extend across the ASEAN region and beyond, offering access to a network of essential connections. Collaborating with such established partners can enhance investment opportunities.


6. Socially Responsible Investing

We are driven by a strong sense of social purpose and responsibility. Our ecosystem is committed to serving local communities and focuses on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices. Investors can align their investments with socially responsible initiatives.



The Story of BEYOND4

BEYOND4's journey began in 2022 when it was founded with a vision to empower talent and support startups. Our visionary founder, S.T Rubaneswaran (STR), an engineering graduate with a remarkable career, was the driving force behind the ecosystem.


STR's career journey from a door-to-doorsales representative within the technology upskilling industry, and subsequent rise to the leadership role of a subsidiary of a Malaysian publicly listed company provided the diverse experience needed for this ambitious endeavor.


BEYOND4 encountered challenges in its early years, particularly due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, these challenges didn't deter its founder, STR. 

By 2023, BEYOND4 had overcome early challenges and was already making significant strides. STR led a Management Buy-Out in 2020, creating the BEYOND4 Accelerator Ecosystem. Under his leadership, BEYOND4 started raising funds and actively supports startups and talents. 


BEYOND4's vision of a robust, global ecosystem began to take shape, with plans for regional expansion and fostering partnerships. In 2023, it expanded into Singapore to promote talent development, startup growth, and fundraising.


Notably, the ecosystem introduced the BEYOND4 Fund 1, a venture fund designed to source investment from across the globe to be deployed in investing within Malaysian and Singaporean startups at the cusp of scaling their business across the region. At this point, BEYOND4 was well on its way towards its mission of fostering talent and startups.


Simultaneously, BEYOND4 ventured into Taiwan to enhance the exchange of startups and venture-building, penning key partnerships and forging important relationships. This period marked BEYOND4's commitment to forging valuable alliances and extending its footprint.



5 Years Roadmap

Over the next five years, BEYOND4 has an ambitious roadmap for growth. Here are the key milestones BEYOND4 wishes to achieve from 2023 to 2027:


2022: Commencement of Our Operations

In 2022, we embarked on our remarkable journey by commencing operations. This crucial phase involved laying the foundation for Talent and Startup programs. We meticulously designed a roadmap, outlining our strategies and goals for nurturing talent and supporting startups. During this period, we initiated pilot programs in collaboration with agencies across Malaysia, marking our early steps toward fulfilling our vision.


2023: Regional Expansion & Roadshows

In 2023, we set our sights on regional expansion and extensive roadshows to bolster our presence. Singapore became our first target, with a mission to promote talent development, encourage startup expansion, and facilitate fundraising. The journey across borders continued with an expansion into Taiwan. This expansion aimed to fost the exchange of startups and venture-building, solidifying our international footprint.

2024: Expansion & Scaling - SEA

By 2024, we project significant expansion and scaling within Southeast Asia. During this period, we anticipate increasing our order book from international clients and enhancing our presence in regions like Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, Thailand. Our focus remains on fostering talent and supporting startups to create a thriving ecosystem.


2025: Further Expansion & Scaling in Asia Pacific (APC)

We envision a period of projected expansion and scaling. We anticipate increasing our order book from international clients, and extending our reach across Asia Pacific; India, Sri Lanka, and the United Arab Emirates. Specialized programs for overseas startups will remain a central focus. These projections represent our ambitious plans for regional growth, poised to solidify our international presence.


2026: Listing Preparations

By 2026, we aim to be in the final stages of preparation for a significant listing exercise. We are dedicated to laying the groundwork for listing on the Malaysian ACE market, with the objective of increasing our order book, enhancing our financial position, and ensuring a robust presence in the market.


2027: Listing Aspiration

In 2027, we aspire to achieve a significant milestone by considering an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Malaysian ACE market. This listing represents our vision for continued growth, stability, and the successful journey of nurturing talent and empowering startups. The trajectory remains upward as we continue to work towards reaching the Main Board Listing in the future. These plans and projections underline our commitment to progress, expansion, and the pursuit of our vision.



About the Key Persons

The Founder: S.T Rubaneswaran or Ruban

S.T Rubaneswaran (STR), the visionary founder behind BEYOND4, has a journey marked by a relentless pursuit of success and empowerment. Armed with a Master’s in Business Administration from Nottingham University, STR's life's work is embodied by BEYOND4, a testament to his unwavering commitment.


STR's journey began humbly as a door-to-door sales representative, where he honed his communication and persuasion skills. He then transitioned into the tech industry, working with Knowledgecom. During his time with the company, he played a crucial role in driving substantial growth, demonstrating early signs of his ability to lead.

In 2019, he embarked on an ambitious endeavor by launching BEYOND4. However, the company faced its share of challenges, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, STR showcased his resilience and determination by leading a Management Buy-Out, a critical move that allowed him to navigate through tumultuous times. This strategic pivot gave birth to the BEYOND4 Accelerator Ecosystem, positioning the company for growth and success.


Under STR's visionary leadership, BEYOND4 has flourished, raising vital funds and providing unwavering support to both startups and talented individuals. His commitment to the cause was evident in the expansion of BEYOND4 into Singapore, powered by the BEYOND4 Fund 1.


STR's efforts are aligned with an ambitious mission: to accelerate 5,000 skilled talents and 500 startups across eight verticals in the next 36 months, revolutionizing Malaysia's talent and startup landscape. STR's track record of achievements is further underscored by his recognition as the winner of the EY Emerging Entrepreneur Award Malaysia in 2016.


Cheong Hom Tai: Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Cheong Hom Tai brings a dynamic business strategy to BEYOND4, enriched by extensive experience in IT training. His journey began as a Netware Engineer, but it was his role in nationwide projects aligned with the Malaysian Digital Economy Blueprint that solidified his position as a bridge builder in the digital divide.


Ivan Fong: Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

As the Chief Financial Officer, Ivan Fong brings a wealth of financial expertise to BEYOND4. Holding ACCA professional papers and an Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting, he is a member of ACCA UK and Chartered Accountant Malaysia. With nearly 13 years of experience in accounting, finance, tax, treasury, and corporate governance, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring BEYOND4's financial stability.


Syarifah Syaidatul Izzati: Head of Alliance & Partnership

Syarifah Syaidatul Izzati's career is marked by 12 years of experience in PMO teams, with a demonstrated track record in the IT & Services industry. Her journey in the IT training industry has provided her with a unique skill set to cultivate partnerships and alliances.


Tathagath Mariswamy: Head of Projects, Operations & Delivery

Tathagath Mariswamy is a seasoned problem solver with over a decade of management consulting experience. Since joining BEYOND4 in 2021, he has played a pivotal role in designing and delivering the startup ecosystem. His expertise in managing projects, operations, and delivery ensures that BEYOND4's initiatives are executed with precision.


Amira Hasnul Jamal: Project Coordinator

With over four years of project management experience, Amira Hasnul Jamal brings a unique set of skills to BEYOND4. Her career has involved coordinating multiple projects from inception to fruition, emphasizing her strengths in project planning, resource allocation, timeline management, and stakeholder management.


Avienash Vilet: Community Manager

Avienash Vilet boasts a little over four years of experience in public relations, project management, and entrepreneurship. His previous roles in Malaysia Airlines' Communications team and as a founder of his own startup have equipped him with insights and skills that align with BEYOND4's vision.


Fund Goals, Utilisation & Time Frame


BEYOND4 has a meticulously designed fund utilization strategy, allocating resources with a clear vision for growth and enhancement. A substantial 70% of the funds will be channelled into talent acquisition, ensuring a skilled workforce and enabling the smooth operation of our expanding ecosystem. 


Additionally, 20% will be dedicated to tech platform development and engagement activities, reinforcing our technological capabilities and fostering stronger connections within our ecosystem. 


The remaining 10% will be committed to governance, finance, and legal structures, underscoring our commitment to transparent and compliant operations. With an overall target amount of RM1 million, this fund utilisation plan exemplifies BEYOND4's dedication to empowering talent and supporting startups while maximising each investment.



Term Sheet & Investment Package



Return of Investment (ROI) & Exit Plan

Investing in BEYOND4 offers an enticing opportunity for robust returns on investment. As of 2023, we're projecting substantial growth, with revenue expected to reach RM4.4 million and a net profit margin of 8%.


In the following years, our projections look promising, with the estimated net profit margin increasing to 10% in 2024 and further to 19% in 2025. The revenue figures are equally impressive, with an estimated RM5.7 million in 2024 and a significant leap to RM9.4 million in 2025.


The conversion of Ordinary Shares to holding company shares (Decago) in 6 months at a conversion rate of 1.1:1 further enriches the investment landscape. Decago Sdn Bhd is set to hold 95.06% of BEYOND4 Sdn Bhd.


Moreover, our IPO plans in 2027 could yield a substantial return, with an estimated valuation of RM186 million based on PAT (Profit After Tax) of 12.4 million multiplied by a PE (Price-to-Earnings) ratio of 15.


By aligning with BEYOND4, you're not only investing in an organisation dedicated to empowering talent and fostering startups but also in a potentially lucrative venture with strong growth projections and promising exit strategies.



Contact Us


For any inquiries or opportunities, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. You can reach out to our Community Manager, Avienash Vilet  at +60 12-505 1599 or email us at [email protected]




Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck

Extension of the Fundraising Campaign

January 29, 2024

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Beyond4 Sdn Bhd



Company No.


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Ordinary Shares




Rubaneswaran a/l Thevasenabathy
+60 12-505 1599


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    Thank you for investing in us! You will also receive these shares:

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    • Price per share: RM 9.30

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