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Main Kitchen x La Cust Crispy Chili

Get the customize package of La Cust Crispy Chili and shoot a short video on “My most creative way to eat La Cust Crispy Chili”.

Sound interesting? Read the participate steps below carefully,

1. Register yourself at here if you fulfil the below requirements. We will contact you within 3 working days after your submission. Registration is open from 1st Nov to 20th Nov 2018 only.

2. Two bottles of La Cust chili sauce (Original & Super Hot flavors) will be given to you by printing your customize avatar on the packaging. Make yourself available on the below shooting day, else, you’ll need to capture your own by following the template provided.

KOL Avatar shooting day:

Starting from 8th Nov 2018 onwards. Photoshooting can be arranged daily (preferebly on weekdays) upon appointment made. 


SDCC, E-28-1, Jalan Multimedia 7/AG, City Park, I-City, Shah Alam, Selangor, 40000 Malaysia.

3. You’ll receive the customize La Cust Chili Sauce within one week after your avatar photo is confirmed. Afterwards, shoot a video on how you eat the chili sauce creatively (fulfil video content below) and post to your social media either Facebook or Instagram account. 

4. We will review your video and 5 winners + 1 Champion will be selected.

Winners will be selected based on perspectives below:

1. The most likes & views (average number) on the video at the social media page. (Either Facebook or Instagram only)

2. Creativity of the video content.

Who can participate?

1. Any region in the world with no age and gender limit.

2. As long as you think you are an influencer or food lover or chili lover!

3. Fulfil any one of the below requirements,

  • Facebook Personal account -> at least 3k friends.
  • Facebook post -> average 300 likes and above.
  • Facebook page -> at least 5k likes.
  • YouTube channel -> at least 1k subscribers or 2k views for video.
  • Instagram account -> at least 2k followers.
  • TikTok account -> at least 1k followers.
  • Blog -> you may provide us the website link, subject for review.
  • Offline community of food lover -> you may provide any info for us, subject for review.

1. Video format: Based on posting channel. MUST keep video’s original version.

2. Video duration: Less than 1 minute

3. Video content:  

  • MUST mention verbally: La Cust Crispy Chili
  • Choose AT LEAST ONE to mention verbally: Sambal Chilli, Malaysia home-grown, crispy, organic, healthy,  ready-to-eat, natural ingredients, no preservative & colouring & animal oil.
  • MUST consume the chili sauce with any food in pleasant way. Be creative and tasty in the video.
  • MUST hashtag (if applicable): #mystartr #crowdfunding #mainkitchen #lacust #crispychili #madeinmalaysia #natural #foodie
  • MUST attach and content in the video caption.
  • Sample video

4. Language: English, Chinese, Malay, Hokkien, Hakka… as long as Malaysian can understand, you know lah.

1. Like and tag @mystartr at Facebook or Instagram for your video.

2 Send us your video link through Email or WhatsApp.

1. Testimonial product: La Cust Crispy Chili Original flavour & La Cust Crispy Chili Ikan Bilis flavour

2. How to pronounce La Cust? Malay (La Kas) / Chinese ( 拉可斯)

3. You have agreed to share your profile to public and use your social media accounts as publishing platforms.

4. No violence, sex, bully, terrorise and religion related sensitive topic allowed in the video.

5. Each identity can register for each slot in the competition only. No repeated person allowed.

6. Delivery of the prizes will be updated at MyStartr website.

7. MyStartr remains the right to amend and terminate this program.

8. La Cust is not reliable to any sickness or sensitive occurred after consume the product.

9. All changes of this program will be announced at MyStartr website only if any.




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