My Tips
How to Pledge by Cash

Hello there,

Well you must be wondering how are you able to pledge a project just by using cash.

Here are only 7 simple steps for you to be able to do so :

1.     Choose the project that you would like to support.

2.     Once you are in the project page, click the Support Now button.


3.     Key in the amount you would like to support.

4.     Once you have chosen your reward you can now support the project by clicking the support button and choose the 7 Eleven logo, then click the support button again

5.     You will then be directed to a page to reconfirm your amount of pledge, and your personal details. If everything is correct, click the proceed icon.

6.     You will then be given a bar code, and this is when you scan your bar code at any 7 Eleven store near you, and tada you may then support the project that you like by cash.


Happy supporting