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A Few Tips on Creating a Good Video

A video is one of the first things your backers will see — but that doesn't mean it needs to be a big production. Use your video to connect with your backers, keep it simple, and just talk about what you're making and why you're making it. Above, a host of successful Kickstarter creators give tips on what to do to make your video a compelling one, no matter what your budget. 


Publishing & Journalism: Creating a video | Kickstarter Creator Basics

Quick tips: Explain the project and why it matters to you. Find a quiet and well-lit place to record. Keep it short.


Other General Tips for video

  • Appear yourself.  You must introduce yourself, even if ever-so-briefly.
  • Keep it short. 3 minutes is way more than enough. You don't think so right now, but it is. This is to budget your time.
  • Tell us what your product is, why it's great, and don't apologize for anything.
  • Know that most people don't watch it before at least scrolling down and back up your page once. It doesn't need to contain everything just because it's at the top. It is supplemental, but necessary.
  • Ask a friend, or a friend of a friend if they can help.  Got a buddy with a youtube channel?  Ask for tips, equipment, or if they'll shoot for you for $100.  This silly promo video was shot and edited by a friend, in his studio, for a friendly $100 stipend.  It's not 1000% perfect, but it for an extra promo video that we had some fun making...?  That's just great!  Plus they had special effect skills (and a green screen!) that we didn't.  Something we can leverage again in the future.
  • Be honest.
  • Be yourself.
  • Remember, your sense of humor may not be everyone's, so keep that limited unless you're sure you're funny and are going all out with it.
  • Don't make racial or religious jokes.  A friend recently put a girl in a nun costume in his video with some nun jokes.  He failed.  He now realizes his attempt at innocent and friendly jokes were not that to many many backers.  Oops.
  • As much as you can, let the video feature your genre's skill.  Board Games? Be creative.  -  Dance? Let's see! - Journalism? It should have decent script. - Food? Show us what you've cooked! - Film....?  Oh you better rock! : )
  • Your video quality should be roughly proportionate to your funding goal and genre.  If you're asking for $500,000+ for a video game, you better be able to make a kicking video!  On the other hand, if you're asking for $400 for your home embroidery skills... well, people understand that your video is gonna stink. : P 
  • Your ultimate goal: Don't scare anyone off, while informing them. If you have the power to lock them in at the same time, great!  But don't, as they say in the acting business, "try too hard".  Natural and showing your genre's talents is good.

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