Investor Risk Acknowledgment Form


1.1 This investor risk acknowledgment form ("Investor Risk Acknowledgment Form") is prepared by Mystartr  Sdn. Bhd. (Company No.: 984100-U) ("Mystartr") to me/us as an investor ("Investor" or "I"), to acknowledge the risks in relation to investing in a business / company ("Issuer") which seeks to undertake a fund-raising exercise through ("Platform").

1.2  Please take note that no transaction may  be proceeded unless this Investor Risk Acknowledgment Form is signed as read, acknowledged and accepted.



2.1  High Risk of Losing All Money  I am fully aware and understand that the Issuers are mostly startups or companies at their early stages or small and medium enterprises ("SMEs") and that the Issuers are risky ventures and this is a risky investment. Thus, I acknowledge and understand that I may end up losing all the money I have invested in the Issuer due to its business failure.

2.2  Risk of Illiquidity I am fully aware and understand that I may not be able to sell my shares or exit the Issuer in which I have invested in, in the short term as no secondary market is available for shares in private limited companies.

2.3  ​​​​​​Risk of No Return I am fully aware and understand that due to the nature of Issuers, I may not earn any return in the manner of dividends and/or profits or the return may take a certain number of years to materialise.

2.4  Risk of Dilution of Shares I am fully aware and understand that when new shares of the Issuer are issued, the share value, my shareholding percentage and my ownership in the Issuer may be diluted. I also understand that the new shares issued may have certain preferential rights that rank above mine that may work to my disadvantage.

2.5  Lack of Information I am fully aware and understand that I may not be provided with all and/or updated information about the Issuer and/or the Issuer’s business, financial and all other information as requested by me. As a result, I may not be able to conduct accurate and full assessments in respect of my investment.

2.6   Limited Control of the Issuer I understand that I will become minority shareholder in the Issuer and hereby acknowledge that I may not have the power over any business operation and/or decision of the Issuer, and there is no guarantee that I will be granted any minority shareholders’ rights or the chance to exercise those rights.  

2.7  Risk of Conversion I am fully aware and understand that all transactions on the Platform shall be in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) unless agreed and specified otherwise. I hereby acknowledge that if I use foreign currency to perform any transaction through the Platform, my final investment amount will be different from the original amount after conversion based on the exchange rate at that particular time and taxes, if applicable.  



3.1   Limited Review I understand that Mystartr's internal review and investigation are limited to the disclosure materials and offer materials provided by the Issuer.  Mystartr has not reviewed or approved any other information including but not limited to any third-party website linked to the Issuer’s offer. As such, I acknowledge that I am fully responsible if I choose to rely on any such information.  

3.2  No Approval I am fully aware and understand that my investment has not been reviewed or approved in any way by the Securities Commission of Malaysia ("SC") or any other relevant government regulator. I hereby acknowledge that Mystartr shall not be responsible for any subsequent review and/or investigation (if any) by the SC and/or other government regulator whatsoever.

3.3  No Advice I am fully aware and understand that all contents and services available on the Platform, including but not limited to crowdfunding project or campaign materials ("Services") are provided for informational purposes only. They do not, in any event, constitute any advice (financial, legal or otherwise) from Mystartr and shall not be relied upon when making any decision or taking any action of any kind. 



4.1  Limitation of Liability I understand that I shall use the Platform, Services and make investments at my own sole and absolute discretion and I have fully evaluated and understood the risks of such investments. I hereby acknowledge that Mystartr shall not be liable to me for any direct / indirect loss or damage, foreseeable or otherwise, including any indirect, consequential, special / exemplary damages or loss of revenue profits / data in connection to or arising from my investments.

4.2  Suspension of Account I understand that Mystartr may suspend my account at any time at its sole and absolute discretion for reasons including but not limited to breach or suspected breach of Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001, suspicious transactions, violations of Mystartr’s terms and conditions or violations of any applicable laws or regulations.

4.3  Amendment of Investor Risk Acknowledgment Form I am fully aware and understand that Mystartr reserves the right to amend and update this Investor Risk Acknowledgment Form at any time and from time to time without prior notice to me.