Under the Guidelines on Recognized Markets issued by the SC ("SC’s Guidelines") Only locally incorporated companies i.e. private company and unlisted public company and limited liability partnerships; or Microfund that has been registered with the SC as a venture capital company, has a specified investment objective and only raises funds from Sophisticated Investors (as defined below) and Angel Investors.
  • Exempt private company
  • Commercially or financially complex structures
  • Public-listed Companies and their subsidiaries
  • Companies with no specific business plan or plan is to merge or acquire an unidentified entity
  • Companies other than a micro fund that propose to use the funds raised to provide loans or make investment in other entities or paid-up
  • Any other type of entity that is specified by the SC
No, except unlisted public company
It depends on the size and needs of your business. Setting a reasonable and realistic Minimum Target Amount will help to achieve your Minimum Target Amount easier and faster. We recommend you to conduct market survey on your business, or if necessary, to seek for professional’s opinion.
Under the SC's Guidelines: Only raise, collectively, a maximum amount of RM20 million through ECF platform in its lifetime. (excluding own capital contribution or any funding obtained through a private placement exercise); and Above shall not apply to a microfund hosted.
As discussed above, MyStartr will perform the necessary due diligence and review process to ensure that all disclosure documents lodged by the Issuer are true and accurate and to access whether the Issuer's business meets the eligibility criteria set by us. Your campaign will be hosted when all the information is verified and you have passed through MyStartr's internal assessment.
MyStartr's team can assist in writing your business proposals and ideals. However, there might be charges depending on what type of service provided by MyStartr to you.
No. Under the SC's Guidelines, you are only allowed to create one (1) campaign at any one (1) time.
No. Under the SC's Guidelines, you are not allowed to use different ECF Platforms or on any stock market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad concurrently. You are not allowed to switch to another ECF Platform after your campaign is hosted on an ECF Platform.
Yes. Under the SC’s Guidelines, you may use ECF Platform and P2P Platform at the same time provided that you have complied with the disclosure requirements as may be specified by each platform operator.
Each campaign shall run for a period of sixty (60) calendar days or any other period as may be notified by us to you in writing, commencing on the date that the campaign is hosted on MyStartr's ECF Platform online and expiring on the sixtieth (60th) day thereafter.
A proper marketing plan makes a substantial difference on a fund-raising result. Thus, you are advised to fully utilise the power of Internet and social media in promoting your campaign online and offline to increase public awareness of your campaign.
MyStartr will provide end-to-end support system by monitoring and facilitating the campaigns, transactions and/or any communication between the Issuers and the Investors. You may keep in touch with MyStartr so that MyStartr may be able to assist you from time to time.
A success fee equivalent to eight percent (8%) of the total funds raised through MyStartr’s ECF Platform will be charged on you ("Success Fee"). On top of that, MyStartr will also charge a non-refundable processing fee and LLP set up fee of RM 3,000 per Issuer. The Success Fee will be deducted from the total funding and the remaining balance will be released to you from MyStartr's trustee.
The Investors’ Funds will be kept in a trust account held by MyStartr’s trustee ("Trust Account") during the campaign period.
The Minimum Target Amount or more than the Minimum Target Amount must first be raised by the end of the campaign period, then your campaign will be considered a successful campaign ("Successful Campaign"). Upon the Successful Campaign, there are certain conditions precedent to be met before the Investors' Funds can be released to you ("Conditions Precedent"):

  • (a) there is no material adverse change in the prospects, products / services, business, operations or financial condition of the Issuer;
  • (b) after the expiry of campaign period, the cooling off period of six (6) business days have expired (being the cooling-off period imposed by the SC to allow the Investors to opt-out or to proceed with their investments) ("Cooling- off Period");
  • (c) a limited liability partnership ("LLP") is set up for the Investors and a compliance officer is appointed within seven (7) calendar days upon the expiry of the campaign period;
  • (d) the execution by and between the Issuer and all such Investors of any and all definitive transaction agreements with respect to the Successful Campaign within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of registration of the LLP;
  • (e) receipt of the written approval by the authorised representative and/or director of the Issuer for the allotment and issuance of the Offer Shares to the Investors who participated in the Campaign;
  • (f) where applicable, the completion of the legal, technical, business and financial due diligence exercised by MyStartr on the Issuer, including the implementation by the Issuer (to MyStartr’s satisfaction) of all recommendations in respect thereof from MyStartr, and the results of such exercise being satisfactory to us;
  • (g) where applicable, the Issuer and its authorised representatives have satisfied the due diligence enquiries as required by the trustee of the Trust Account;
  • (h) the shares have been issued to the investors; and
  • (i) any other conditions deemed appropriate by MyStartr.
MyStartr operates on an all-or-nothing basis. The funds will be refunded to the Investors if you fail to raise the Minimum Target Amount by the end of the campaign period.