A sound strategy must be supported by exceptional execution.

Milestone 3:

In the past 2 years as we helped 41 companies raise funds to grow their businesses, we found that successful entrepreneurs all have one common trait - the ability to execute.

When running an equity crowdfunding campaign, while managing your daily business operations, you will be actively engaging investors and creating awareness. By doing ECF, you are not only gaining access to funds, you are also expanding your network and connecting to new resources which will help your business.

Episode 6
Marketing 3 Elements

3 Points:

  • 1. Copywriting
  • 2. Video
  • 3. Pictures

Episode 7
Follow Your Investors

3 Points:

  • 1. Set Up Your Fnancing Strategy
  • 2. Effective Follow-ups with Investors
  • 3. The Importance of Persistent Follow-ups

Episode 8
Funding Marketing Strategy

3 Points:

  • 1. Marketing before Launch
  • 2. How to Arrange the Marketing Events
  • 3. Tool Tips

Episode 9
Pitch Deck and Somthing You Need to Know

3 Points:

  • 1. Pitch Deck
  • 2. Conducting an Online Roadshow
  • 3. Zoom Best Practices

Congratulations on completing the ECF School lessons. It is now time to get started on your ECF journey!