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by Amuze Group Sdn Bhd
Amuze 把深受大家喜爱的游乐场及电子游戏厅的多款游戏以及玩家们能够累积彩票赢取实体奖品的模式移植到APP上 ,透过APP让大家回忆起小时候的乐趣,让人们即使不出门也同样可以体验到在游乐场的乐趣! Amuze bring in a variety of games from popular amusement parks and electronic game halls to the APP, as well as the model in which players can accumulate tickets to win physical prizes. Through the APP, it reminds everyone of the fun of childhood when in amusement parks even if they don’t go out.
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by Fuciphagus Biotechnology Sdn Bhd
利用创新科技,创造更有价值的燕窝滋补品 - 每一口都是长丝燕丝一丝丝的燕窝 | Using Innovative Technology to Create More Valuable Bird’s Nest Products - Feel the difference in your mouth
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